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What is shiny,rubbery and 30% off this Black Friday/Cyber monday?

My art books and art sets of course!

This year I'm doing a special Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale. If you use code "bf-cm-2021" on any of my sets or artbooks in my store you get quite a bit of a discount.

For all my digital sets and art-books this is 30%. The hardcover is 15% off and the paperback is 25% off.

This means that you can get the Alvinus TNTCL Paperback for as little as €15! But after these batch sells out it will take a while for me to restock so I don't know if I can get them to you before x-mas so I am limiting the sales for the physical products and keeping track of them so I don't oversell.

It could make a nice present for that kinky person in your life! (or yourself!)

Get the Alvinus TNTCL Hardcover with 15% off

Get the Alvinus TNTCL Paperback with 25% off

Or get my 2020 or 2019 collections with 30% off!

Be sure to let me know if you run into any trouble with the discount!


Or what about 30% off my latest pic?


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Here is 30% off everything(including artbooks) for black friday/cybermonday

5 more new pieces on my Gumroad :D €1 discount inside of every package :D

Happy (belated?) Holidays!

Halloween is here! Spoopy pics for €2 until the end of halloween

New artwork: Inside the tentabox!

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