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Whee! 60% off all my drawings for Black Friday/Cyber Monday

This year has been rough! With lockdowns and other crap being nothing but a downer. But I have some good news. I'm giving everybody 60% off any of my drawings on Gumroad during this sale-weekend of doom. 

All you have to do is use the code bfcm2020 on checkout. It can be used as many purchases as you want. This works on all my digital products including those from previous years. This offer lasts until Monday December 1st 2020 evening 23:59 Pacific time  (9am on dec. 1st Central European Time)

The pic above is one of the tentacley shiny pics I had some of the most fun working on this year. The link below will take you to that specific pic and auto apply the 60% discount code!

Get "the scientific method" with 60% off.

Here is 30% off everything(including artbooks) for black friday/cybermonday

5 more new pieces on my Gumroad :D €1 discount inside of every package :D

Happy (belated?) Holidays!

What is shiny,rubbery and 30% off this Black Friday/Cyber monday?

Halloween is here! Spoopy pics for €2 until the end of halloween

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