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Get Alvinus:TNTCL paperback for just 16 euro +shipping

Hello from Alvinus!

The productivity tentacles at Johntaro industries have been busy trying to find a new printer for the book. They have just delivered the first prints and they look amazing.  

You can now get your paperback copy for just 16 euro (+ shipping)

That's 20 euros cheaper than the first printing!
By Grabthar's hammer what a saving! 

To top it off you get a free copy of the web resolution pdf version with your purchase while I ship out the paperback!


Get it now!

Here is 30% off everything(including artbooks) for black friday/cybermonday

5 more new pieces on my Gumroad :D €1 discount inside of every package :D

Happy (belated?) Holidays!

What is shiny,rubbery and 30% off this Black Friday/Cyber monday?

Halloween is here! Spoopy pics for €2 until the end of halloween

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